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The top 30 teams have been selected for BeChangeMaker 2023. The teams were selected from a record 572 applications from 87 countries, the highest since the programme began. Thirty teams were selected with the top 15 teams proceeding to the next stage of this year's programme.

Please follow their progress on BeChangeMaker Live. This community space for the BeChangeMaker programme aims to build a supportive network by providing video content and resources for like-minded social entrepreneurs and partners who are contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By joining BeChangeMaker Live, you have access to resources, content, and events that are supporting hundreds of young social entrepreneurs who are striving to make a positive impact in their communities. Request access to BeChangeMaker Live.

Key dates

Application open

15 March 2023

Teams selected

9 June 2023

Programme kick-off

12 June 2023

Final pitch in Dublin

24-27 September 2023

Latest news

Top 15 teams 

AgriTech Analytics


Ensure food security through mitigating the risks of soil degradation.



Tackle discrimination against persons with disabilities and promote equitable integration into society and the justice system.



Create sustainable agricultural practices and technology.



Tackle food waste through sustainable agriculture.


Chinese Taipei

Promote sustainable consumption.



Promote sustainable development by inspiring the young generation through sustainable education programmes.

I Hear You


Promote mental health for youth through technology.



Create a sustainable and equitable supply chain for agriculture through technology.

Medvax Health


Provide access to healthcare through technology.

Taiping Blue

Chinese Taipei

Provide decent work and promote environmental sustainability through the circular economy in agriculture.

Team Spirit International


Ensure economic inclusion for refugees through self-reliance and female empowerment.



Drive digital inclusion in Africa through quality tech education and mentorship.

The Reading Factory


Support children with learning challenges by providing a positive learning environment.

Transform Opportunities


Provide access to decent jobs for people with disabilities.

Wellness House


Promote mental health through accessible support for personal resilience and sense of belonging.

Teams that were part of the first round of BCM 


United States

Breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting economic independence for artisans through a direct marketplace.



Promote climate change actions through better waste management.

Digital Playbook Africa


Empower women and girls in rural communities through digital literacy training.

Down For STEM


Empower children with disabilities through inclusive education on STEM.



Tackle food insecurity and climate change through efficient agri-farming.


United States

Provide opportunities for socio-economic improvement for youth through quality mentorship.

Game Changers


Create an integrated platform for charitable giving and sharing.


South Africa

Create climate change solutions through the development of biodiesel.



Promote maternal health and safe motherhood.

Ngoc & Future Eyes


Promote climate change action through immersive and interactive technology

Omere Development

United States

Promote the wellbeing of older adults through affordable housing.

Rah e Nau Constellations


Develop future leaders in driving sustainable development through mentorship and training.

Social Change Makers


Increase access to education by supporting girls in rural areas to overcome barriers due to menstrual cycles.

Super Interlock Blocks


Create sustainable construction materials through efficient use of waste from wood burning.

Xingang community cooperative

Chinese Taipei

Promote ecological farming for marine and wetland conservation.

Organizing team

BeChangeMaker 2023

Grace Lung

Grace is the Senior Manager of Partnership Programmes at WorldSkills, which is the global hub for skills excellence and development. She works closely with the HP Foundation on the creation and implementation of BeChangeMaker to offer opportunities to youth for career building and transforming the way we think about social change and the use of skills.

Michal Jirasek

Michal is the CEO of Founderscope and the creator of the Gamified Startup Toolkit. He supports startups, social enterprises, and companies to innovate and optimize their businesses to create positive impact in the world. Michal was the coach for BeChangeMaker 2018.

Gustavo Sanchez

Gustavo is part of the HP Foundation team. In his role as HP Inspires Giving Program Manager, he works with the team to engage HP employees in virtual volunteerism around the world. Gus will partner with Worldskills to inspire HP employees to share their skills by participating in BeChangeMaker 2023.

Ina Progonati

Ina is the HP LIFE Partnership Consultant for the HP Foundation, leading the HP LIFE programme that offers 30 free online courses in 7 languages to build key business competencies. Previous to HP LIFE Ina was a founding member of Global Citizen. With the great support from the HP Foundation, Ina works closely with WorldSkills on the creation and implementation of BeChangeMaker.


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