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June 2019

  1. 2nd Portugese Competition Preparation Week for WorldSkills Kazan 2019

    23-28 June 2019

    Seixal, Portugal

    Throughout 2 separate weeks the complete Portuguese team will be in internships preparing for WorldSkills Kazan 2019. Within this week the Competition context is reproduced as accurately as possible (also with guest teams from other countries to promote the competitiveness amongst them), and several other activities take place, such as mental training, experts training, workshops, etc.

  2. Skills USA - National Leadership and Skills Conference

    24-28 June 2019

    Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, United States of America

July 2019

  1. World Youth Skills Day

    15 July 2019

  2. Youth Monozukuri Skills Competition Japan

    31 July 2019 - 2 August 2019

    Fukuoka, Japan, Japan

August 2019

  1. WorldSkills Kazan 2019

    22-27 August 2019

    Kazan Expo, Kazan, Russia

    45th WorldSkills Competition

September 2019

  1. 49th National Skills Competition

    16-20 September 2019

    Taichung City, Chinese Taipei

    The Competition showcases 47 Skill Competitions and we are expecting over 800 Competitors to participate. Please visit our website for additional infomration.

  2. Washington Leadership Training

    21-25 September 2019

    Alexandria, Virginia, USA, United States of America

    SkillsUSA offers advanced training for students and advisors that focuses on professionalism, communication and leadership skills. This training is held near Washington, D.C., and allows members the opportunity to share their SkillsUSA and career and technical experiences with elected officials.

November 2019

  1. 57th National Skills Competition

    15-18 November 2019

    Aichi Prefecture, Japan

    The Japanese National Skills Competition is a competition in which young skilled workers age 23 or under (except for a few job trades) pit their skills against each other. It is held for the purpose of encouraging the development of skilled workers of the next generation.The National Skills Competition also serves as a qualifying event for the WorldSkills Competition.

  2. WorldSkills UK LIVE

    21-23 November 2019

    NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom

    UK’s largest experiential skills, careers and apprenticeships event which hosts the National Finals of the WorldSkills UK Competitions

February 2020

  1. National Competition Portugal

    9-14 February 2020

    Setúbal, Portugal

    • 400 competitors • 41 skills

October 2020

  1. WorldSkills General Assembly 2020

    5-8 October 2020

    Dublin, Ireland

    General Assembly and Conference

September 2021

  1. WorldSkills Shanghai 2021

    22-27 September 2021

    Shanghai, China

    46th WorldSkills Competition