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We work with our Members, Global Partners, and other organisations to create opportunities for young people around the world.

Skills are instrumental for a sustainable future. Our projects enable next generations to address the challenges of tomorrow through vocational education and training, and entrepreneurship.

With a focus on developing countries and new WorldSkills Members, we provide platforms for sharing knowledge and expertise on skills training.

Project areas

Through our exciting and diverse projects, we cover a wide range of areas to develop and promote skills.


Our projects inspire young people to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence beyond WorldSkills Competitions.

Capacity Building

Our network of Members, Partners, and Experts provide support and mentorship across regions, through projects, initiatives, and activities that advance vocational education and training.


We're empowering and inspiring African youth to pursue personal and economic fulfilment through the power of skills.


WorldSkills Museum

The WorldSkills Museum is a journey across space and time. Uncover the skills that shaped our past and now create our future. Immerse yourself in over 800 artefacts. Delve into the stories of those skilled people that built the world we know today. The museum is located in Shanghai, China in the city’s historic Yangpu district. If you can’t wait until your visit, then explore the zones on our new website.

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Standards and Credentials

WorldSkills Competitions and resources help our Members benchmark their skills systems against international standards based on excellence.


Our popular social entrepreneurship programmes provide a framework for young people to create successful businesses that bring positive change into the world.

Research and Assessment

Our contributions to global research and assessment projects are helping to shape the future of skills.


Measuring our impact

In 2021, we ran our first global Impact Survey to evidence the impact we are having as WorldSkills - as individuals, as Members and as a movement. Fifty-three WorldSkills Members shared data and stories about the impact skilled young people are having in their countries and regions.


Project archive

WorldSkills has run exciting and diverse projects around the world.

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