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WorldSkills is collaborating with the OECD in the development of the PISA-VET initiative, an international large-scale assessment of vocational education and training.

About the project

The International Vocational Education and Training (VET) Assessment project helps countries to bolster their skills systems by developing, piloting, and implementing an internationally standardized assessment of outcomes of VET programmes. In collaboration with the OECD, WorldSkills, WorldSkills Experts, and other stakeholders are helping confirm the validity of these metrics and the international comparability of the results.

OECD launches PISA


Since 2000, the OECD has evaluated education systems through PISA: the Programme for International Student Assessment, by assessing 15-year-olds in numeracy, literacy, and science. The data has helped countries identify gaps and implement driven educational reforms.

OECD expands to Vocational Education Assessment


Made possible by its experience of PISA, and the availability of new technologies, in 2022 the OECD began to explore the evaluation of initial vocational education and training (VET) systems for 16–25-year-olds.

Establishment of Framework


A substantial Framework document was developed and consulted on, as the basis for designing a first set of valid assessment instruments. WorldSkills was well-represented in preparing the Framework, including the leadership of two occupational chapters.

Evolution of assessment tools paves way for full implementation


In 2024, the assessment instruments will be designed, tested, and refined, with the outcomes determining the pathway to full implementation.

Global roll-out


With a long-term target date for worldwide roll-out by 2029, an assessment framework is in place covering broader employability skills, and five specific occupations. The assessment will allow countries to compare their VET systems’ achievement status by country and occupation.

The five occupations in the PISA-VET assessment framework are:

  • Automotive technician
  • Business and administration
  • Electrician
  • Healthcare
  • Tourism and hospitality


Andreas Schleicher, OECD’s Director of Education and Skills, gave a video address on the OECD PISA-VET initiative to the WorldSkills General Assembly 2023 on 25 September 2023. 

Find out more

Contact Jenny Shackleton, Standards and Assessment Advisor, for enquiries and discussion:

The OECD’s PISA-VET initiative page has more information about the project including details of the countries involved.