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Skills Change Worlds

We are celebrating the impact that skilled young people are having on their own lives, our industries and economies, and our planet.

Why impact?

We believe it is time to evidence the impact we are having as WorldSkills — as individuals, as Members and as a movement.

In August 2021, we ran our first ever global Impact Survey. It was the biggest research programme we've ever undertaken.

Thanks to this survey, and as a direct result of the hard work of all our Members, we can now say with confidence that:

WorldSkills increases the number of skilled young people

Our Members are using innovative ways to attract people to skills. And it's working. More young people are signing up to access their technical and vocational skills training.

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WorldSkills improves standards of vocational training for all

By working with educators, WorldSkills is helping embed skills into curricula, lift the ambition of learners, and raise national standards around TVET.

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WorldSkills prepares young people for their future careers

Our Competitors are more ambitious because they are inspired by the WorldSkills community, and have a chance to develop life skills like confidence and resilience.

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WorldSkills contributes to the success of industries

WorldSkills Members work closely with industry to help close the skills gap. In exchange, industry experts and specialists help train our young people to be the best they can be.

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WorldSkills improves economic growth and human development

Our Members are developing national skills strategies with governments and ministries, and are starting to prove the economic and societal benefits of investing in skills.

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Measuring impact

Fifty-three WorldSkills Members shared data and stories about the impact skilled young people are having in their countries and regions.

We learned how WorldSkills is helping young people reach further, by improving their access to skills and showing them what’s possible.

We help young people, educators, industries, and governments raise the bar higher, by setting global standards that inspire everyone to excel at skills and be the best they can be.

We return more for those who invest in skills whether that investment is time, expertise, resources, or funding.


We want to hear about the impact you are having

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Our Impact report highlights the positive changes we are making

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