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5 December 2023

Champions Trust representatives share the joys of being a volunteer

On International Volunteer Day, WorldSkills Champions Trust representatives tell how volunteering has changed their lives.

From different corners of the world, WorldSkills Champions Trust representatives have taken a minute to send a message to all those individuals who, like themselves, selflessly donate their time and skills - happy International Volunteer Day!

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Today, 5 December, is observed globally as a chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, share their values, and recognize their achievements. This year’s theme is #IfEveryoneDid, recognizing the power of collective action and envisaging the potential impact on sustainable development if everyone volunteered.

The WorldSkills Champions Trust is a volunteer group of past Competitors who are the voice of young people in the WorldSkills movement.

“We are the heart of the movement and the voice of youth. We try to connect with all of you across the world to represent your voice and make it heard wider and louder. We inspire, motivate and support through our personal stories,” says Yousra Assali, WorldSkills Champion from Morocco, and representative for MENA.

The 2022 State of the World’s Volunteerism Report published by the UN Volunteers found that volunteers contribute to defining and prioritizing causes that are important to them, promoting a culture of collaborative decision-making.

Our Champions advocate for the power of skills to change our worlds. Sonya Hill, Champions Trust representative for the Americas from Jamaica, says that volunteering is important because she can share her schooling journey and inspire those who are walking a similar path.

Similarly, representative for Africa Mihle Mvelakubi believes that the Champions Trust is his way to pay forward the opportunities provided to him by WorldSkills, and to inspire others to do well for themselves and their communities.

“I think we should all give back,” says Shae White, representative for the Americas. “A sense of community is something that’s very important. So, if you have the capability and the skill set to give back to any given community, anything that you’re interested in, I think you absolutely should.”

Volunteers are also rewarded with unique experiences that help them understand our world, and become better people, and better professionals.

Representative for Oceania and ASEAN, Rachel Crawford, from Australia, confesses that being a volunteer for WorldSkills has been one of the most rewarding choices of her career.

“It is so magical to witness and be involved in the evolution of skills as a whole. Volunteering is important to me because seeing the passion and determination in the next generation of skills is simply contagious and I absolutely love being a part of it,” she says.

João Teixeira, representative for Europe, whose job is teaching young people and training future WorldSkills Competitors says that, “The best is the final result, where you can see the young generations motivated and trying to get better and better, to achieve their goals.”

To Yousra, volunteering has helped her change her mindset and her personality. “For me, change is essential. Chance creates new things, inspires confidence, and ignites your imagination.”

Finally, Cloé Lemarechal, who says that volunteering has also had a great impact on her self-confidence, had the chance to attend an event in France and asked WorldSkills France volunteers why they volunteered. As the country prepares to host the next WorldSkills Competition in Lyon from 10 to 15 September 2024, the recruitment of over 2,500 volunteers to support the Competition is already underway.

Learn more about WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Volunteers Programme.

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