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24 November 2022

BeChangeMaker Africa 2022: A breath of fresh air

One of the top five teams competing for the prizes are NABO Innovations from Namibia who are developing a ventilation system to protect miners.

Led by two young women, NABO Innovations was founded by Ndeshihafela Ndivayele, a mining engineer from Namibia. She now works with computer engineer Oarabile Simanko, who manages their Botswana Branch. They are developing a High-Tech Ventilation System, that can cater to underground mines, buildings and houses, and industries such as hospitality, sports, or entertainment.

“I have experienced the uncomfortable and hazardous mining environments, especially underground mines with uncomfortable temperatures, humidity and gas contaminants,” says Ndeshihafela.

“I analyzed a number of gaps within the existing ventilation technologies, and realized that many underground mines do not have suitable ventilation systems that provide sufficient temperature and humidity control, remove contaminants, hazardous gases and radiation, particulate matter, and have consistent and real-time detection of risks.”

Ndeshihafela started on her own, but after a year of work, she started to expand. First, geographically from Namibia to Botswana – hence their name NABO - and then creatively, introducing multiple engineering and design disciplines with the help of corporate and individual mentorship products and services.

Their innovations can reduce the possibility of respiratory and health issues and thermal discomfort of miners and other workers, and provide safer work environments. Moreover, the entrepreneurs aim to design a system that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, which can support psychological and emotional wellness.

Taking part of BeChangeMaker Africa, they claim, has allowed the team to expand horizons and to build a success mindset.

“It has accelerated growth within our business and developing our innovation by visualizing and creating prototypes, receiving constructive feedback from our mentor and coach has been the greatest experience,” says Ndeshihafela. “We have learnt how to execute the model of our products and services, manage our teams, attracting and manage potential customers, and been able to access modeling and prototype software.”