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Inspiring action and increasing awareness of social entrepreneurship using the power of skills.

Business Growth and Scalability

One of the main reasons why startups fail is because their growth engines don´t work properly. To succeed as a startup can be hard, but it was never easier done than today. All the tools, technologies and knowledge we need is out there and it´s affordable.

This webinar will give you an introduction on how to think about growth and how to make your project grow as fast as possible. You will learn how to build a growth engine that works. After the webinar you will be able to visualize and validate the assumptions behind your growth engine using the Growth Funnel Board. You can use that board to identify and prioritize the next steps for your project. It helps you and your team to focus on things that matter. After all, your goal is to find the right direction and achieve your project goals as fast as possible to make a positive impact in the world.


Michal Jirasek, creator of the Gamified Startup Toolkit and founder @founderscope.

Michal supports, co-founds startups, and consults established companies to help them innovate and optimize their growth engines. Michal is passionate about topics that relate to growth hacking, integrated funnel marketing, lean startup, customer development, and design thinking.

With Gamified Startup Toolkit he helps founders and startups to learn how to apply the ideas of all the well-known startup creation methods to their projects. He believes in entrepreneurship as the most powerful source of creating positive impact in the world and all his work is dedicated to helping more and more entrepreneurs succeed. He was born in Slovakia and lives since 1999 in Leipzig, Germany.