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Chinese Taipei

WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre

Part of the WorldSkills movement for over fifty years, Chinese Taipei has amassed a wealth of skills knowledge and experience. This is the driving force behind the launch of their WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre, an ambitious project to help WorldSkills Members and non-Members pursue skills excellence.



The second WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre was created following a 2019 agreement between WorldSkills International and Chinese Taipei’s Workforce Development Agency.

As with Korea, the Centre seeks to assist skills development through sharing expertise, and offering training to Experts and Competitors, with an emphasis on the developing world.

A Member organization since 1970, the Workforce Development Agency is responsible for vocational training and skills competitions for Chinese Taipei, and is providing most of the financial resources for the Centre.

Despite travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Centre has already released a series of training videos from Experts in Automobile Technology, Mechatronics, and Restaurant Service with more to follow in the coming months.


Projects and events

Due to the impact of COVID-19, face-to-face skills exchanges have become almost impossible. The centre has begun programmes and activities virtually, including training videos and an international symposium.

Training Programmes

March to October 2021

Arranging training programmes for partner countries.

Skills Cooperation Symposium

30 September 2021

An international webinar held in hybrid format (physical and virtual) with the theme “Skills Development and Challenges”.

Skills Exchange Workshops

September to October 2021

Exchanging knowledge and best practice on competition management and other areas of expertise.

Expert Training Videos

March to December 2021

Creating training courses for Experts in:

Skills Cooperation Symposium

18 September 2020

An international webinar discussing skills exchange, capacity building, and skills cooperation. Find out more about the event on WorldSkills Chinese Taipei website.

Expert Training Videos

July to December 2020

Creating training courses for Experts in:




How we work

WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre

The WorldSkills Capacity Building Centre organizes workshops and consultation meetings, as well as creating training videos.