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Virtual 3D Learning – Facilities Management

March to June, 2014

Application development for interactive virtual reality training facility

  • Second edition of the three-month placement programme
  • Development of training for Facilities Management, including water treatment and sanitation processes
  • Showcase of completed project at Singapore International Water Week 2014
  • Training application will be used by over 500 students in related courses at ITE

The second edition of ITE's Virtual 3D Learning Innovation Lab focusses on training for Facilities Management. Michael Christensen from Canada (below left; Mechanical Engineering Design – CAD at WorldSkills London 2011) and Simon Noerdjan from Suriname (below right; Web Design at WorldSkills Americas 2010) were the two Champions selected for this new three-month placement opportunity.

Michael Christensen and Simon Noerdjan


Two virtual reality modules are being developed during this Innovation Lab: the first module gives students a full overview of the conventional Singapore water supply system from rainwater collection, to reservoir, to storage tank. The second module helps them explore the process and maintenance of rooftop water tanks.

"We have been inspired to create something amazing. It has been a crash course in everything, but the bulk of our learning challenges have been overcome and we are now ready to see what we can really achieve..." 

– Michael Christensen (Canada), Innovation Lab intern

Michael and Simon presented their finished project piece at Singapore International Water Week, 1-5 June 2014. The application is to be included in Facilities Management training at ITE in the 2014-15 academic year.


Job description and project outline (posted December 2013)