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12 February 2015

WorldSkills Sweden research partner encourages “Skills for Growth”

WorldSkills Sweden is currently building a new research network across some of its leading universities and institutions. One of these private centres – the Ratio Institute – will host an international seminar in Stockholm 20-22 August 2015, on the topic ”Skills for Growth“.

The Ratio Institute invites young scholars – including graduate students – in fields such as education, economics, political science, business administration, sociology and economic history to submit paper proposals for this cross-disciplinary colloquium.

Papers dealing with the following issues are especially welcome:

  • Growth, innovation and learning
  • Wage-formation and skills
  • Causes of youth unemployment
  • Labour-market competence mismatch
  • Vocational education and innovation
  • The challenges of on-the-job-training
  • Validation of skills and practical knowledge
  • Policies to diminish these problems 

Deadline for submission is 15 March 2015: please download the official Call For Papers (PDF) for more information.