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4 April 2014

WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 in full preparation

wsiwssp_03.jpgWorldSkills São Paulo 2015 and WorldSkills International have spent a week in Bogota, Colombia observing and using the 3rd WorldSkills Americas as an ideal learning environment in preparation for the upcoming 43rd WorldSkills Competition. There is no better way to learn about hosting a skills competition than having a skills competition as the backdrop to the meetings and discussions. It is the perfect opportunity to bring discussions to life. When we were in meetings and talking about details on things like infrastructure, catering, signage, and media, we went out in the venue and saw it in action. 

The WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 Executive and Operational teams worked with WorldSkills International on all the details surrounding the implementation of the next WorldSkills Competition. The planning and preparations are advancing on schedule. The goal for this Competition will be to bring it to the world and have 2,000,000 eyes see the event. This means a huge focus for the event will be on the visitor experience and engagement and taking the event virtually around the world. Visitors from the young students to the leaders in industry, education and government will have a journey through the event like never before. Social media will be activated at a significantly higher level to include virtual visitor experiences and opportunities. With things like live streaming of the Ceremonies and live reporting from the event, the world will be engaged more than ever. 

Our goal is to bring the WorldSkills Competition to every country around the world, who's in?