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21 December 2022

WorldSkills Champions take centre stage during the passing of the WorldSkills flag

Champions celebrated as the WorldSkills flag passed to the next Host Member and the WorldSkills community looks ahead to WorldSkills Lyon 2024.

The unconventional format of WorldSkills Competitions 2022 Special Edition, hosted across 15 countries and regions in 26 cities over 12 weeks, brought the WorldSkills community together in new ways.

“In May, when we knew a Competition in Shanghai could not go ahead, we did not know if our young people would have their chance to shine after years of training and effort,” said David Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International. “But we rallied and our Members, our Partners, our Experts, and all our teams collaborated, they innovated, and they did something that many other organizations would have considered impossible.”

During each of the 29 separate events of Special Edition, the Competitors met each other, often for the first time, during guided tours of the region’s best attractions. They gathered for commemorative photos centred around the WorldSkills flag, a global invitation for everyone in the world to pursue excellence.

When WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition came to an end at the Closing Ceremony of the last skill competitions in Salzburg, Austria on 27 November that symbol of skill excellence began its next journey.

In an emotional moment, WorldSkills Champions Trust Representative, Jacqueline Tanzer, passed the WorldSkills flag on behalf of all 15 Host countries and regions to Mathieu Aubert, WorldSkills Champion from France.

“I had the honour of opening the first of the 29 events that made up WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, so it is very special to be here tonight as the final Champions of 2022 are celebrated,” said Jacqueline Tanzer, WorldSkills Champion at the event.

“This WorldSkills moment will stay with you forever as your career and your life unfolds. And it will inspire others to follow their dreams as you have followed yours.”

The passing of the flag began the countdown to the 47th WorldSkills Competition, which kicked off with a video presenting WorldSkills Lyon 2024, and a spectacular breakdance reflecting the youthful vigour, innovation, and energy of the upcoming event.

WorldSkills Lyon 2024 will take place from 10 to 15 September 2024 at EUREXPO Lyon. The 47th WorldSkills Competition will welcome 1,500 Competitors from over 65 countries and regions to Lyon, France. The WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Organizing Committee is a national initiative supported by the regions in France, and in particular, the Metropolis of Lyon.

Recruitment for the next group of WorldSkills Champions Trust members is open until 23 January 2023. Become part of a group of Champions passionate about sharing their skills story and connecting with Champions around the globe. Find more information on how to apply and eligibility criteria.