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30 March 2024

Resources to help Experts navigate their WorldSkills journey

Take part in the Unlocking Excellence webinar, hosted by the WorldSkills Experts Faculty.

A platform for WorldSkills Experts to continue their passion for skills development, the WorldSkills Expert Faculty has taken steady steps towards fulfilling its mission since its formation in 2017. It is relentlessly thinking about how to support current and new WorldSkills Experts and prepare them for WorldSkills Competitions, offering training programmes and mentoring.

Two major initiatives emerged over the past year based on feedback from a recent survey: the Experts Faculty Webinar Series, and the Experts Journey Map.

The first webinar with a panel discussion then took place during the month of August 2023 involving Experts from various skills sectors, and facilitated by Skills Canada’s Vice-President, Susan LeFort. The session discussed evolving working practices in industries and achieving skills improvement.

Another session in the series took place on November 28 under the topic ‘Present day industry trends’. Involving Global Industry Partners Frank Nanfara of Studica, and Wang Liping of Jiean Hi-tech the webinar addressed disappearing, evolving, and transforming trends in our industries.

With the aim to help Experts stay connected, informed, and engaged, a third WSEF Webinar is planned for 10 April 2024: Unlocking Excellence: Training Techniques and the Transformative Benefits Experts Bring Back from WorldSkills Competitions.

The development of the Experts Journey Map, first presented during WorldSkills General Assembly 2023 in Dublin, Ireland, will help Experts navigate through their WorldSkills journey in a digital interface inspired by a metro map. Topics will be represented as either main stations or substations, depending on the importance of the learning outcomes. Clicking on a station will reveal explanations, videos, and links to the WorldSkills website.

“We think the Experts Journey Map will be a comprehensive resource, simple, easy to follow. We have received lots of positive feedback, and we expect to try out this tool as soon as possible,” said Devin Flor, representative for Transportation and Logistics at WorldSkills Expert Faculty.

WorldSkills Experts are critical to the success of developing WorldSkills Champions. The WorldSkills Expert Faculty is a volunteer group of current and past Experts, that has 383 members, including 170 full members and 212 associate members. Apply to join the Experts Faculty to create a positive impact in skills development around the world.