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Continuing your passion

The Experts Faculty works with WorldSkills to expand the movement and create a positive impact in skills development around the world.



The Representatives are past Experts that make up the management team. Their main function is to promote and achieve the set objectives, and to further engage past experts in projects and activities. The current Representatives were selected to design and implement the WSEF.


Experts who no longer have an official role in WorldSkills Competitions (international level) can apply. Members will be invited to participate in projects and activities undertaken by the WSEF.

Note: Being a Member does not exclude you from being asked to take on an official role by your Member or WSI in the future.

Associate Members

Applying to be an Associate Member is available to Experts who have an official role at WorldSkills Competitions (international level) and desire to be updated with the WSEF's activities. Under normal circumstances Associate Members do not get involved with current projects.


Through Membership with the Experts Faculty, you will be kept informed of projects and activities that allow you to continue your passion and involvement with WorldSkills.