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5 August 2014

Mongolian Labour Minister receives President of WorldSkills International

Simon_MN.jpgThe Mongolian Minister of Labour Ya.Sanjmyatav last Tuesday welcomed Mr Simon Bartley, President of WorldSkills International.

Mr Bartley highlighted the importance of Mongolia joining WorldSkills International (WSI) as its 69th Member, and said that preparation of skilled workers, who match the needs of the labour market, will bring many advantages to the economy. He encouraged Mongolia to challenge their teachers in order to successfully compete in WorldSkills São Paulo 2015 in Brazil.

In response, the Minister supported the importance of preparation and asked whether it is possible to receive further consultations from WSI. He also said Mongolia is preparing its workers through short and long-term training, a majority of them become welders, bricklayers, tailors, turners, and assemblers to meet industry demand. To this, Mr Bartley stressed the importance of preparing skilled workers for the industrial sector. In the past Mongolia produced about 6,000 skilled workers at vocational training centres, this number has increased to 6,500 this year. To improve the skills of workers, the country has started National Skill Competitions among these students.