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30 July 2021

Mobile Robotics Online Challenge

Over four days, 17 teams from around the world took up the challenge to build an autonomous robot which could complete a set of tasks.

Even robots need to stay in training for WorldSkills Shanghai 2022, or at least their creators do, which was the motivation for the recent Mobile Robotics Online Skill Challenge supported and empowered by Studica and WorldSkills.

As part of the Year of Innovation, Studica Robotics created the online challenge to keep Competitors on track with their preparations for Mobile Robotics at the 46th WorldSkills Competition.

They were asked to build an autonomous robot that could navigate areas, locate specific waste materials, and then unload them at a disposal site.

Over four days, 17 teams from around the world took up the challenge. The winners were Eldar Seydametov and Vladislav Diubanov of the International Center of IT & Communication System team from Kazan, Russia who earned first place.

Second place went to Hao-Chun Chang and Yi-Feng Lin of the Chun-I Senior High School team from Miaoli County in Chinese Taipei. Third place was awarded Gwak Hanho and Kwak Youngseo of the Samsung Electronics team from Yeongtong-gu in Korea.

The Experts from the winning teams were Damira Ramazanova, Chia-Nan Ko, and Kong Yongsun.

“We are thrilled that the skill level of Competitors keeps improving,” said Frank Nanfara, President & CEO, Studica & Studica Robotics.

“The robots created continue to become more advanced from previous events. Thanks to the popularity of the event, we hope to offer more Mobile Robotics Online Skill Challenges in the future to continue building this critical skill.” 

Participants represented Belarus, Brazil, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Japan, Luxembourg, Macao, China, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, and Thailand.