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With our focus on robotics and STEM since 1985, Studica is an innovative solution developer and supplier of future-focused technologies to Education and Industry.

We thrive on introducing new, creative solutions to the classroom and corporate world. We are thrilled to make a difference, with innovations that enhance an individual’s skills, leading to future employment. It is our goal to impact life-long learners of all ages with inspiring technologies.

Studica Robotics develops and manufactures a complete robotics Building System made up of mechanical structure, electronics, controllers, sensors, software, and training material that is used in education and in competitions around the world. The Studica Robotics Building System is modular and offers everything needed to build Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). Ideal for the classroom, robotics teams, homeschoolers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts; our high-quality parts work together so you can build a variety of designs without the need for a machine shop. You choose your motor, electronics, control system components, wheels, hubs, axles, slides, structure, etc., and our unique hole pattern allows for effortless connection. The VMX/Titan Controller can be programmed using Java and C++, Python, ROS, and even LabVIEW.

Studica is a proud Global Partner of WorldSkills and the official exclusive product supplier for the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition for Shanghai 2022, Lyon 2024 and for 2026. It is an enormous honour for us to partner with a worldwide organization that fosters opportunities and connect societies with skills.

A mobile robot on wheels by Studica.


 Studica has been a great asset in developing the Skill Mobile Robotics to industry standards. We are pleased to have Studica with us as a Global Industry Partner in this field, especially since technology is moving fast. With Studica’s support on a global scale we can guarantee that all WorldSkills Members and Competitors can test and assess at the highest possible levels and with latest technologies.
— Alexander Amiri, Director Sponsorship and Partnership, WorldSkills International


WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Collection

All teams competing in the Mobile Robotics skill competition require the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Component Collection.

This collection includes all components required to train and compete. Included in the collection are items such as controllers, drivers, sensors, structural components, servos and motors, wheels, gears, drive train, and fasteners. Additional authorized units and components are also available.

For more information, visit the Studica website(External link) or email Frank Nanfara -



WorldSkills Shanghai Museum Robot


Mobile Robotics Online Skill Challenge 2021




A mobile robot by Studica Robotics in action moving balls into different areas.
An image showing the details of a mobile robot by Studica Robotics including wheels and arm.
A side view of a mobile robot by Studica Robotics.
A mobile robot by Studica Robotics.
A mobile robot by Studica Robotics.