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8 July 2024

Making Our Mark: Abraham

We are shining a spotlight on young people who are using their skills to leave a lasting change on the world around them. For Abraham Mundengo from Zambia this has meant using his Information Network Cabling skills to improve internet access for his local communities.

Access to communication and knowledge are vital to social and economic development. Which is why Abraham’s work is so critical. He is using his specialist technical skills to install new cable systems and telecommunication networks in Zambia that are, in turn, powering essential community and business services.

Abraham is a great example of how young people are using skills to unlock new opportunities for themselves and their country. Having competed in Information Network Cabling at WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition, he now uses the latest technologies to keep Zambia at the vanguard of industrial developments. He says, “Lately I have been doing my own work setting up different technologies in networking like the latest Starlink service, that was recently introduced here. I am working with rural primary and secondary schools to install Starlink and connect their computer labs to the internet. This will help students have access to the internet for their research and learning for the first time.”

Not content with improving communication systems in his country, Abraham also wants to impart his own knowledge and skills on other young people and change preconceptions about skilled professions. It is a decision that has seen his story come full circle. He was first a student at Zambia University College of Technology and now works there as a Computer Lab Technician. He has also become a WorldSkills Zambia Expert. In his transition from student to staff member to Expert, Abraham has been able to show the next generation of learners how they, too, could use technical training to further their careers.

Abraham Mundengo from Zambia climbing a ladder and using his Information Network Cabling skills to install internet access.

“I have a group of 23 students at the moment and work with them on campus projects on network installations and maintenance. I have been a role model to many of them, who walk up to me and tell me how much I inspire them. They dream to get to my achievements which, funnily enough, I tend to forget. Some of them even think I don’t live in Zambia anymore! So I have decided to stay and teach Information Network Cabling to anyone that desires, because skills must go hand to hand with responsibility in order for us to build a productive society.”

He continues, “I talk to them about WorldSkills, the beauty and impact that it can have on their lives, and ultimately the impact skills can have on them personally. I tell them how it has been positive for me, making me reach for the stars in the field of networking, as well as advance in my career. However, the most important thing I tell them is to make a start, and rest will fall into place.”

As Abraham’s story shows, investing in skills drives change. While he keeps his local communities and country connected – and globally competitive – he is also helping the next generation of skilled workers raise their ambitions and carve out exceptional careers in their chosen field.

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