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11 May 2021

“Keep the world moving” campaign nominated for CIPR Excellence Award

A WorldSkills campaign has been shortlisted in a leading award for public-relations practitioners.

The WorldSkills campaign celebrating the essential role of skilled workers during the pandemic has been shortlisted in the 2021 CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards.

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, skilled workers were hard at work keeping the world moving. From ensuring food was on our tables and water in our taps to keeping us connected via computer networks and ensuring electricity lit up the world, skilled workers ensured our lives continued.

To celebrate that work, WorldSkills Members joined together to say thank you to the world’s essential skilled workers through the “Keep the world moving” campaign.

The campaign concept was developed by the creative team at Studio Texture. The campaign creative used bold application of the WorldSkills brand to demonstrate the pause that the world was experiencing and showcased the people whose work did not stop but become even more critical to the global pandemic response.

The activation of the campaign was embraced by over 30 Member countries and regions. By translating and sharing the message through their channels, the pride we all feel for essential skilled workers was not forgotten.

Their contributions to support the campaign, have been collectively recognized as a nominee in the Global Campaign category of the 2021 CIPR – Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards.

At their heart, skills competitions serve to recognize and inspire skilled talent. When those activities were put on hold, the WorldSkills community joined together to champion the world’s skilled talent and the essential role they play every day.

The winners of the Excellence Awards will be announced in June 2021.