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8 November 2023

Jiean Hi-tech renews commitment as Global Partner

A signing ceremony took place during the opening of the WorldSkills Museum in Shanghai, China.

Global Partner JIEAN Hi-Tech extended its support as a WorldSkills Global Industry Partner at a signing ceremony during the official opening of the WorldSkills Museum in Shanghai, China, on 6 November.

Jiean Hi-tech serves high-end industries including rail, air, and sea transportation, with comprehensive virtual reality (VR) combined solutions and services. Their products include VR simulators that provide railway companies, subway companies, vocational colleges, and training institutions with high-quality, efficient training.

“We recognize the importance of railways and railway technicians to decarbonization the world’s transportation impact,” said David Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International. “Adding the skill of Rail Vehicle Technology responds to global concerns of mobility and climate change. Rail transit is a vast, worldwide sector that is projected to grow exponentially. We are fortunate to continue to have the support of Jiean Hi-tech and solutions for the Competition and to help raise the standards of training across the globe.”

Zhisheng Gao, General Manager of Jiean Hi-tech gives a speech during a signing ceremony atthe opening of the WorldSkills Museum in Shanghai, China.

“We really feel proud to join the WorldSkills family. Since the partnership with WorldSkills International, Jiean Hi-tech has served the role as the bridge between domestic and international transport skills communities by facilitating communication and exchange about improvement of transport vocational education and training systems, skills excellence, and global industry development,” said Zhisheng Gao, General Manager of Jiean Hi-tech.

“As our partnership moves forward, Jiean Hi-tech will continue to make use of cutting-edge technologies to empower our training systems and jointly explore innovative and efficient approaches to training skilled people with colleagues all around the world.”

With a rich experience in the development of rail transit vocational education, Jiean Hi-tech has organized more than one hundred provincial and industrial skill competitions. The company became a Global Partner in 2021, and has been instrumental in the development of Rail Vehicle Technology, which will make its debut as an Exhibition Skill at WorldSkills Lyon 2024.

The partner has facilitated several information sessions for Members to foster cooperation in the promotion of the skill and in the development of rail transport vocational education and training.

Visitors to the WorldSkills Museum will also be able to try their skills, piloting a train simulator that has been donated by JIEAN Hi-Tech as part of the permanent exhibition.

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