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The logo of Jiean Hi-Tech

Zhengzhou Jiean Hi-tech Co., Ltd. (“Jiean Hi-tech”) is a company based in Zhengzhou, China. It is a high technology company that integrates R&D, production, and sales.

  • Providing professional solutions to an extensive client base
    Since its founding, Jiean Hi-tech has been providing various high-end industries with comprehensive virtual and reality combined solutions and services. Its system solutions, worked out by the Jiean Hi-tech National Industry R&D Center, have been well recognized by nearly a thousand customers. Jiean Hi-tech is also setting up an international sales network. Specifically, Jiean Hi-tech now provides devices and services to more than 500 major Chinese and foreign customers, including railway companies, subway companies, vocational colleges, and training institutions.
  • Specializing in vocational education and contributing to WorldSkills Vision 2025
    Jiean Hi-tech has built a coordinated talent cultivation community with vocational colleges and rail transit companies by jointly developing talent cultivation standards and plans and being actively involved in the creation of national and industrial skill, teaching, and occupational standards. Given that its Vocational Education and Training (VET) and skill development philosophies are highly consistent with those of the WorldSkills International (WSI), Jiean Hi-tech will contribute persistent efforts to WorldSkills Vision 2025.
  • Having extensive experience in skill competitions and lending complete support for the development of industry skills
    Jiean Hi-tech has organized more than one hundred provincial and industrial skill competitions and co-hosted four national rail transit skill competitions and one national Rail Vehicle Technology qualification trial, playing an instrumental role in the development of the rail transit vocational education and the training of high-quality rail transit talents.
    Next, Jiean Hi-tech will ensure the smooth progress of the Rail Vehicle Technology skill competition through competition preparation and on-site technical support.
  • Keeping in mind its role as a GIP and promoting skills more broadly together with WSI and other Global Industry Partners
    As a newly-admitted Global Industry Partner of WSI, Jiean Hi-tech will take its duties and responsibilities seriously and continue to fulfill its potential through cooperation with WSI. Jiean Hi-tech will also work together with other Global Industry Partners to promote skills on a wider basis and make more people witness: the Excellent Power of Skills to Change the World!

Find out more on the Jiean Hi-tech website.

A collage of four images showing Jiean Hi-tech's devices and services including rail transit train driving and maintenance systems.