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25 May 2020

COVID-19 and WorldSkills

Like so many others, WorldSkills International and all of our Members have been considerably impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the world local, national, and regional competitions have been postponed or cancelled. Our Members are adapting rapidly to online training and some are piloting virtual skills competitions.

We are continually reviewing our event plans as the course of the global pandemic unfolds. General Assembly 2020 and WorldSkills Conference 2020, that were scheduled to be held in Dublin in October, have been cancelled. Alternative arrangements for the General Assembly are currently being determined.

EuroSkills Graz 2020 is rescheduled for 6-10 January 2020. WorldSkills ASEAN Singapore 2020 is rescheduled for 6-11 April 2021. WorldSkills Africa 2020 has been postponed to March 2022.

WorldSkills Shanghai 2021 and WorldSkills Conference 2021 are still scheduled for September 2021. Project planning continues and we are in constant communication with our Members about how the pandemic has impacted their preparations, including team selection.

We will update this page as we have developments.

Skills Save Lives

WorldSkills would also like to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to the skilled workers around the world who are instrumental in the response to COVID-19. They range from medical professionals, including all the skilled support staff in hospitals, care homes, and the community; to the manufacturers who are producing ventilators or PPE; to the logistics specialists who are ensuring that freight keeps moving even when humans are unable to. These are just a few examples of the skills heroes, who are saving lives everywhere. 

Over the coming weeks we will celebrate these workers and their contribution to humanity. We will also be highlighting how many of our Member organizations have been supporting their national governments in the medical, economic, and educational response to the pandemic.

Please keep in touch with us through our social media channels, or via email. There are links to our contact page and social media at the bottom of this webpage.