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31 August 2020

BeChangeMaker 2020 is counting down to the grand finale on 14 September

Meet your top five teams – plus a mysterious wild card!

The top 15 teams of BeChangeMaker 2020 have gone through intensive training and coaching to develop new skills and refine their ideas by mentors from the HP Foundation, and with backing from WorldSkills International.

Now the top five teams have been selected to move on to the live pitch, where this year's top social entrepreneurs will be crowned.

The five teams are building technology and innovative solutions to tackle challenges ranging from sexual abuse and violence, plastic waste, deforestation and air pollution, to menstrual health for girls.

We are so proud of the teams: 

  • Aurat Raaj – Pakistan: Building a chatbot companion to help school girls with menstrual health-related education and issues
  • Eat Everything – Chinese Taipei: Creating edible and sustainable packaging for take-out food
  • Eco Energy Africa – Cameroon: Creating environmental friendly energy materials that save trees and create less pollution
  • Rosche – Costa Rica: Providing a safety app for women facing sexual abuse and violence
  • EZDiabetes – US, France, India: Providing one-stop diabetes management to empower users better control of this epidemic

Mark your calendar for 14 September (4:00pm in Amsterdam) and join the live pitch. Register for free!

BeChangeMaker is our social entrepreneurship acceleration programme that provides access to high quality learning content on HP LIFE. Budding entrepreneurs have access to tools and technology for startup acceleration, dedicated coaching, mentoring and customized support, as well as the opportunity to tap into a diverse global network of potential supporters and investors.