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WorldSkills Vision 2025

WorldSkills Vision 2025 is our strategic plan for improving the world with the power of skills. 

WorldSkills can no longer be satisfied with just organizing international competitions to demonstrate excellence in skills. We must become the leading organization driving up the skills of the world – using the WorldSkills Competitions to help showcase excellence, demonstrate the power of the WorldSkills Occupational Standards, and continually raising global benchmarks as our spearhead of international efforts to both help WorldSkills Members improve their standards and to improve skills levels and opportunities for young people and their countries and regions globally.

WorldSkills Vision 2025 was adopted at General Assembly 2016 where three broad strategic goals for its work were identified:

  1. Raise ambition and opportunity in VET for young people, employers, and societies;
  2. Enhance the quality of VET provision through stronger connections to labour markets, employers, and economies; and
  3. Help build the organizational capability of WorldSkills and the global competitiveness of its Members through skills. 

Download WorldSkills Vision 2025 (PDF, 9 MB)