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Optoelectronic Technology

Optoelectronic Technology in action

Optoelectronics is an emerging technology used in a range of applications from lighting products to medical research and treatment, advanced manufacturing devices to measuring technology.

Optoelectronic Technology could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Helping people
  • Working as a team

More about Optoelectronic Technology

Optoelectronics is an emerging technology that combines the physics of light with electricity so that one can control the other. We see it in products like LED lights, solar cells, and optical fibre cables, among many.

Its applications are equally wide, from lighting products to medical research and treatment, advanced manufacturing devices and measuring technology.

Optoelectronic Technicians can also work in a diverse range of fields, including development, production, and maintenance. They must work with accuracy and precision and meet customer specifications and international standards. They can be involved in manufacturing, commissioning, and providing support for these devices.

Optoelectronic Technicians must be able to work with optical, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical systems in the manufacture of devices. They must be familiar with the environmental impact on systems when installing them and be up to date with the changes brought by new technologies in the industry. It is a fast-growing occupation with prospects to develop both a broad and specific range of expertise. 

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    Xiaosong Li


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    Samuel Oum


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