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Building Information Modelling

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More about Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a way to create and manage information about a project throughout its construction. It provides a complete digital model of the project for all those involved, allowing them to update and improve at key stages.

BIM uses a wide range of software technology through Computer Aided Design (CAD). The process is highly collaborated, allowing everyone from architects and engineers to contractors to work together better, creating buildings with a longer lifespan, and better suited for their purpose.

BIM involves a thorough understanding of the technologies required, including software, cloud computing and IT systems, as well as industry terminology and international standards.

An ability to work collaboratively is essential, along with strong interpersonal skills for working with other project members and clients. Work must meet the highest standards of accuracy and clarity for all potential users.

Building Information Modelling in action

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