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Mobile Applications Development

Mobile Applications Development in action

Mobile Applications Developers use technology and design to create apps which are appealing and function well on phones.

Mobile Applications Development could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Making things
  • Using computers

More about Mobile Applications Development

We use apps on our phones every day. It is the job of Mobile Applications Development to create these essential tools for almost every aspect of our lives.

As a rapidly increasing way of communicating and sharing information, this is one of the fastest growing occupations, offering opportunities for both employment and self-employment, especially for young people.

As such, you may have a tightly developed role for a company in a specific sector, such as delivery or sales, or be able to offer tailored solutions to smaller businesses as a freelancer.

Mobile Applications Development requires an understanding of technology and design to make an app that is appealing and functions well. You must understand the client’s requirements and create a test-driven framework for a product that is reliable, updatable, and that the user can understand and use with ease. 

Recent medallists in Mobile Applications Development

WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition

  • Photo of Shuming Yang

    Shuming Yang


  • Photo of CHIA-CHUN YEH


    Chinese Taipei

  • Photo of Justin Konratt

    Justin Konratt


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