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Hotel Reception

Hotel Reception in action

Hotel receptionists deliver a range of guest services and are vital to enhancing a hotel’s reputation and encouraging repeat business.

Hotel Reception could be for you if you like:

  • Helping people
  • Working as a team

More about Hotel Reception

Hotel receptionists deliver a wide range of guest services: welcome guests to the hotel, make reservations for them and attend to their other needs to keep them happy during their stay. Receptionists work for large hotel chains and smaller, private facilities.

Hotel receptionists work mainly in the hotel’s front office and need to use a wide range of skills, including tourist information, good verbal and written English, computer literacy, good manners, conduct and grooming, excellent communication and social skills, problem solving, competence with figures and cash handling, and the application of procedures for reservations, reception, guest services and check out. Hotel receptionists are vital to every hotel enhancing its reputation and encouraging repeat business.

Globalization, social and demographic changes, and the evolution in transport are driving rapid growth in tourism and travel for business. Business and leisure travel is expected to grow further and demand for hotel receptionists will increase with it.

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