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Water Technology

Water Technology in action

Monitor and test water quality, supervise the operation and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment works and other water infrastructures, and protect water from pollution.

Water Technology could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Fixing things
  • Using computers

More about Water Technology

Water engineering technicians monitor and test water quality to ensure it is safe for consumption. Water is our most precious resource, which needs special protection. It needs to be extracted from wells or springs, or obtained from a lake or river before it gets treated to become drinking water. It will go through a series of treatment processes to make it clean. Treated clean water will then be stored and distributed for us to use. Water engineering technicians take care of all these tasks.

They supervise the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment works as well as other water infrastructures, like pump stations and sewer systems. They may be called upon to perform routine maintenance on equipment, like replacing filters, checking calibration levels, etc. They will work with a team of scientists to ensure water is free from pollution and local ecosystems remain healthy.

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