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Concrete Construction Work

Concrete Construction Work in action

A vital role in any building site specifically in charge of providing the concrete which is the core element of any construction project.

Concrete Construction Work could be for you if you like:

  • Making things
  • Using tools
  • Working outdoors

More about Concrete Construction Work

Concrete Construction workers perform a lot of physical tasks, often beyond the basic responsibility of mixing and delivering the correct amount of concrete to the builders. This includes operating hand and power tools, so learning how to use them safely is vital. Safety is also crucial in preparatory work when erecting scaffolding and carrying out the demolition of old structures.

As with all site workers the concrete construction worker needs to be physically strong and possess manual dexterity. In addition an ability to read and understand blueprints, and to make sure that they match work orders is essential. They also need to work closely with quantity surveyors to make sure there is no wastage of concrete.

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