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IT Network Systems Administration

Providing information technology (IT) services to commercial and public sectors to ensure systems run smoothly and without interruption.

IT Network Systems Administration could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Fixing things
  • Using computers

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Why choose IT Network Systems Administration?

The best thing about my skill is that it is part of new technologies, and it is a transferable technology in all companies. WorldSkills allows you to measure yourself with the highest in the industry so that you and your country improve.
— Oscar Castillo, Competitor at WorldSkills London 2011

More about IT Network Systems Administration

For the IT Network Systems Administrator, the work environment can range from data centres to network operations centres, internet service providers and data centres like climate-controlled server rooms. The ability to communicate, problem solve, and research and understand the latest industry developments is paramount.

Their work involves providing a wide range of services, including user support, design, troubleshooting, and installing, configuring and updating both operating systems and network devices.

IT Network Systems Administration in action

Recent medallists in IT Network Systems Administration

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    Ryoichi Satoyama


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    Kangli Li


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