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Jane Stokie

Photo of Jane Stokie


Director of Skills Competitions

Jane joined WorldSkills in her current position in August 2008. Her prior WorldSkills experience includes being a Competitor in the skill competition of Graphic Design at the 1988 Youth Skill Olympics in Sydney, Australia. She was an Australian Expert in this skill competition from 1999 until 2007 including being a Chief Expert and Deputy Chief Expert at three Competitions.

Past working experience before joining WorldSkills:

  • Completed an Apprenticeship in Composition (Graphic Pre-Press)
  • Production Manager at a regional daily newspaper for 14 years
  • WorldSkills Competition technical aspects
  • Technical Descriptions
  • Infrastructure Lists
  • Test Projects
  • Skill Management Plans support 
  • Competition Preparation Summary
  • Competition Rules updates
  • Competition management documentation
  • Expert and Technical Delegate professional development – eLearning and training
  • Audits of WorldSkills Standards Specifications in consultation with industry