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Daniel Reimann

Photo of Daniel Reimann


WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Competing in:
Web Design

Champions Trust Regional Representative for Europe

When did you know that your skill lit a spark in you that other professions
I started programming at the age of 11. Immediately I felt an enthusiasm and
satisfaction and these became stronger and stronger over the years. And to this day, I have found nothing that excites me more than working in IT.
Especially the variety of tasks and the constant development in this area fascinates me again and again.
What is your favourite WorldSkills memory?
Definitely the Farewell Party after the Closing Ceremony. When all the stress was over and you celebrated what you had achieved together with all the other participants and experts. This was also the first moment when we all became aware of what we had experienced the last days. It was just an incredible atmosphere.
Why is being part of WorldSkills important after your competition is over?
Because for me personally WorldSkills is simply an incredibly important movement.
To enable young people to discover their skills and to promote them is one of the most important tasks we have.
Discovering and developing your skills is the greatest guarantee for a great future. And this is exactly where the WorldSkills movement wants to help.
What would you tell your 12-year-old self about your future?
Keep on working. I'm just kidding... or not really. But more accurately: Keep doing what you burn for.
What do you want senior policy makers to know about skilled jobs and skilled professionals?
I hope that an awareness will emerge of how important skilled professionals are for the future of our world. And that they become aware of what an incredible achievement young people can realise if they develop their skills.
I also want them to understand how important it is to give young people the chance to discover and develop their skills.

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