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Jacqueline Tanzer

Photo of Jacqueline Tanzer


WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Competing in:
Graphic Design Technology

Champions Trust Regional Representative for Europe (Austria, France, Germany, South Tyrol Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ukraine, United Kingdom)

Jacqueline began drawing when she was in kindergarten – and that passion has now led to her becoming a WorldSkills Champion in Graphic Design Technology and starting her own business.

She says she wouldn’t have dared to do that if it hadn’t been for WorldSkills, “WorldSkills taught me that you should work hard and be ambitious. It also taught me so many other things like friendship, other cultures and tolerance.”

Jacqueline now wants to use her Champions Trust role to bring people together and to give them the opportunity to learn from each other, “I want to make TVET more popular all over the world and see WorldSkills as the chance to do my bit. Skills create careers and give people meaning, confidence and pride.”

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