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Skills Development Agency (WorldSkills Russia)


WorldSkills stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. WorldSkills unequivocally condemns the use of violence and large-scale aggression by the Government of Russia against Ukraine.

WorldSkills is politically and denominationally neutral. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a clear and enormous breach of our Code of Ethics and Conduct. 

The Russian government has made choices that forfeit its access to participate in events and activities organized by WorldSkills and its Members. Accordingly, WorldSkills International (WSI) applies the following penalties and sanctions, effective immediately:

  1. Cancels WorldSkills Russia’s participation in WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.
  2. Suspends WorldSkills Russia’s membership of WorldSkills International and consequently any involvement with WorldSkills Competitions, projects, and activities outside of Russia.

WorldSkills statement and position
1 March 2022