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21 June 2009

WSI Media Website launched

media_banner_250.jpgBy Michelle Bussey, Communications and Marketing Director

As the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Competition nears, WorldSkills International (WSI) and WorldSkills Calgary 2009 are busy preparing last minute details. As part of the WorldSkills Champions on the World Stage strategy, WSI and WorldSkills Calgary 2009 are focused on ways to engage and attract media awareness to the WorldSkills Competition. To help accomplish this goal, WSI is pleased to provide an official media website for the 40th WorldSkills Competition. This is for Members, WS Calgary 2009 and all stakeholders.

What does this mean for Members and Stakeholders?

  • You will have a place to direct all your media to find the latest information and resources about WorldSkills Calgary 2009
  • You have a place to populate with all the latest information from your organisation and team so that all media can easily access it
  • It provides the perfect opportunity to engage both the media onsite as well as those back in your country/region
  • WSI manages the information and ensures that it is constantly updated so that you just have to give us updates on your team and we’ll do the rest
  • You can help us promote the media website within your organisation and to your media and stakeholders so that they are aware that this resource is available to them.

What does this mean for Media?

  • You will have one place to find the latest information and resources about WorldSkills Calgary 2009, the stakeholders, the teams and latest news from the grounds of the Competition
  • It provides the perfect opportunity to engage with the Competition whether you are onsite or back in your country/region
  • Every day  during the event you will be able to access and download hundreds of high resolution professional photos, dozens of professional videos and articles about the days events and highlights.

We are promoting this website to all media leading up to, during and after the Competition so that it will house all photos, videos, results, releases, etc… as they come in. It will be accessible by any media and resources will be available in high resolution downloads. Our goal is to make it very easy for media to keep up-to-date about WorldSkills Calgary 2009.

We also encourage any Member or stakeholder to send us photos, videos, releases, etc… during the event so that we can keep your section up-to-date. This website will be maintained by WorldSkills International.

For more information please visit: