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1 September 2011

WorldSkills Premiere Experience - Register now!

WSPE_home_blank.jpgBy Michelle Turpin, WorldSkills International

The WorldSkills Premiere Experience (WSPE), designed specifically with industry, government, and education leaders in mind will have a number of ‘Pick and Mix’ activities to choose from. It is held in conjunction with the WorldSkills Competition to enable participants to see first hand this unique event that showcases young skilled professionals from over 50 countries/regions working and creating at the cutting edge of best practice in their chosen skill or trade. There are several components included in the WSPE to ensure that the participants get a well-rounded programme filled with networking, information exchange and learning opportunities.

Space is running out in many of the conferences and seminars so book in advance. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to hear from leaders in industry, education and government and benefit from their experience and best practices.

Details of the programme can be found at