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15 April 2009

WorldSkills Portal

wsp_nls_large_250.pngThe WorldSkills Portal is an interactive, informative, multi-lingual, multi-regional and international website that is designed to raise the awareness of the international skills community and the WorldSkills Member countries/regions.

Visit to read great stories about how the WorldSkills Competition has touched the lives of many Champions, how they stay connected within their country/region, read about the WorldSkills Competition skill categories and see what high profile WorldSkills endorsers have to say about global skill issues.

Using the WorldSkills Portal is a simple process and we look forward to welcoming more Member countries/regions in the future. It is the perfect opportunity to profile your WorldSkills Competition team; all you need to do is send us the information and we will make your pages look exactly like you want them too, in the language of your choice. The profiles are also featured on the Champions Exchange and Youth Forum websites. I

If you would like more information about how to take advantage of this great promotional tool please contact Christine Scoot: .