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17 June 2024

WorldSkills Museum website goes live

WorldSkills unveils a new website that allows everyone to experience the excitement of the first-ever museum dedicated to skills.

People around the world can get a taste of the incredible WorldSkills Museum without leaving their homes thanks to a new website launched today. The WorldSkills Museum website blends bold imagery with clear navigation and an engaging user experience to capture the passion and excitement of the Museum and help visitors discover the power of skills for themselves.

Opening with a stunning image of the transformed Wing On Warehouse on the banks of the Huangpu River, visitors can then dive into the impressive atrium containing the “World Engine” installation. Then, within the Explore section, people have a chance to encounter some of the 800 artifacts that are housed at the WorldSkills Museum.

Just like in the Museum, visitors can choose to enter one of the six themed zones, which are:

  • Zone 1: Tools and our world
  • Zone 2: Celebrating a successful global movement
  • Zone 3: Skills development and China
  • Zone 4: Building a better world with skills
  • Zone 5: Skills and STEM
  • Zone 6: Skills and the Industrial Revolution

They can scroll through carousels to unlock fascinating facts and inspiring stories. New content will be continually added to these zones to make the website a living and evolving experience. It will mean that visitors can keep coming back to learn about skills past, present, and future.

Alongside the Explore section, the website includes useful information, from the history of the building to how to plan a visit to the WorldSkills Museum in person. It also celebrates all the supporters behind the development of the Museum, its artifacts, and its installations.

Mark Callaghan, WorldSkills Museum Project Director, is happy that the impact of the WorldSkills Museum can now reach even further, thanks to the website. He says, “Since WorldSkills Museum opened in November 2023, it has attracted over a thousand visitors a day, breaking attendance records. We want to make it accessible to anyone interested in learning more about skills. But we understand, of course, that not everyone can travel to Shanghai. The website gives everyone a chance to experience the wonders of the WorldSkills Museum for themselves, and discover how skills really can change their world.”

Check out the new WorldSkills Museum website.