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30 May 2024

WorldSkills Lyon 2024 unveils an unmissable visitor experience this September

With just over three months to go until Lyon, France welcomes over 250,000 people for the 47th WorldSkills Competition, visitors are poised for an unforgettable experience.

The Eurexpo in Lyon, France where WorldSkills Lyon 2024 will take place.

The sight of 1,400 young competitors showcasing their talents in 62 different skill competitions promises to make WorldSkills Lyon 2024 not only the largest, but also the most exciting event ever hosted at Eurexpo. Visitors will witness a vast range of skills – from the creation of intricate jewellery to the repair of heavy plant machinery, from the design of buildings to the delicate icing of patisserie. People of all ages can’t help be impressed by this display of talent but, for younger visitors in particular, the hope is that if they see it, they will aspire to be it.

Yet for the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Organizing Committee this isn’t enough. They want to surround this incredible display of skills excellence with an unforgettable visitor experience – something they are calling “a journey of skills discovery”. Echoing the Competitions powerful call to action “Where there is a skill, there is a way”, the team wants visitors to immerse themselves in the unstoppable potential of skills. To do this, they are pulling down barriers and giving people more access to skills than they have ever had before.

The Organizing Committee wants to use the 47th WorldSkills Competition to encourage as many young people as possible to take up skills. With 250,000 visitors expected from France and around the world, they are developing an immersive and informative visitor experience to attract schools and youth groups and inspire them to be our next generation of skilled professionals.

Even before reaching Eurexpo, visitors will receive a warm welcome from dedicated teams at airports and railway stations, who will offer advice on making the most of their stay in Lyon and enhancing their experience at WorldSkills Lyon 2024.

Larger groups and schools entering the venue will embark on their skills journey through a special tunnel, which features a range of immersive videos, facts, and timelines. After passing through the engaging interactive entrances, visitors will be guided by digital billboards and clear signage to three distinct zones, each offering a connected yet complementary experience:

  • The Workshop Areas
  • The Skills Agora
  • The Information Zone

At the Workshop Areas, visitors will have the chance to learn about each skill and why it is important. A skills moderator will be stationed at each workshop to share interesting facts about the skill and answer any questions. They will highlight the benefits of the skill to the world while also demonstrating how the smallest technical details contribute to skills excellence. Multimedia information alongside the stands will share information about the Competitors and their country or region.

Dotted around the workshop will be Try-a-Skill booths – a much loved and anticipated part of any WorldSkills Competition. Try-a-Skill encourages visitors to discover which skills they enjoy the most and uncover their hidden talents.

The Information Zone will be home to a massive social wall displaying live updates and messages of support from people in the venue and following from afar. A digital terminal will offer games and educational content, while a fun photo booth will allow visitors to take selfies and capture memories of their time at the event.

Skills Agora is a dedicated area with 150 seats designed for interactions with skilled professionals. Each day, the agora will host a schedule featuring WorldSkills Champions and Experts who will share their expertise and career paths, followed by a question and answer session.

For those who cannot physically attend the Competition, there will be a digital experience so that supporters, friends, families, and students can still be inspired by the event. Regular content will be shared on the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 website and social channels, including engaging videos from WorldSkills Experts and Champions on YouTube. There will be a livestream from the Competition and each day’s highlights will be summarized by the skill moderators so that virtual visitors can follow all the latest news.

Franck Le Roux, Executive Director of WorldSkills Lyon 2024, says, “As well as creating skills Champions, we want WorldSkills Lyon 2024 to create memories forever. Our ambition is that each visitor who comes with questions about skills, leaves full of inspiration and information. For the young people coming to the event, we want them to believe that they too can be the best at their skill if they want to be. We want to give them a chance to imagine what is possible through Technical Vocational Education and Training. We want them to be in no doubt that where there is a skill, there is a way.”

Find out more information about the event at WorldSkills Lyon 2024.