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29 November 2010

WorldSkills London 2011 is on track to deliver one of the best WorldSkills Competitions yet

‘Have a Go’ activity during Skills London 2010

By WorldSkills London 2011

Excitement is mounting amongst the school and college community following the launch of WorldSkills London 2011 (WSC2011) at the Skills London career fair and the Association of Colleges Conference in Birmingham.

However, in the current economic climate, delivering a great skills competition is not enough. As every community and business in the UK thrives on skills and enterprise, the WSL2011 team’s aim is to make the most of the WorldSkills Competition (WSC2011). In doing so, we hope to inspire more young people across the UK to recognise how skills shape our world and encourage them to be more enterprising in their careers.

Drawing on support from sponsors and partners, the WSL2011 team is developing a detailed programme of ‘Have-a-Go’ activities that will take place starting early February 2011 and lasting until the WSC2011, October 5-8, 2011. These events and activities will culminate in a three-week, UK-wide, skills festival running from September 19 to October 9, 2011. These will provide up to a million opportunities for people to ‘Have-a-Go’ at a new skill, opening their minds to the possibilities their futures hold. 

Helen Lam, the first WorldSkills London 2011 volunteer

To add value to the visitor experience at the WSC2011, WSL2011 has just launched a new initiative for UK-based colleges and schools. From January 2011, they will be able to apply to take part in an international ‘Showcase and celebration of talent’, which will take place during the WSC2011. There are 100 places available and the winning organisations will be announced in the spring of 2011. This will allow time to prepare for their moment on the international stage.

In addition to ‘Have-a-Go’ and ‘Showcase’ activities, organisations will have various other ways to get involved. They can take part in the WSC2011 Education Experience; visit the event; become an exhibitor; sign up to support the volunteer programme; or take part in the planned business conference and event series.

To find out more about WSC2011 and the full programme of activities visit our website.