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5 July 2024

WorldSkills Iran hosts its first International Friendly Skills Competition

The Golestan Botanic Palace Hotel in Gorgan was the setting for WorldSkills Iran’s first International Friendly Skills Competition, bringing together participants from 13 different countries.

A competitor sitting at a computer looking at a screen during the first International Friendly Skills Competition (IFSC) from 11 to 17 May 2024.

In the northern province of Golestan, a region famous for its beautiful landscape and ancient Iranian architecture, WorldSkills Iran welcomed 47 Competitors to the first International Friendly Skills Competition (IFSC) from 11 to 17 May 2024. The event brought together young skilled professionals from around the globe to showcase their talents and foster international cooperation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

The Competition included participants from 13 countries and regions. The young people took part in one of six skill competitions:

  • Mobile Application Development,
  • Web Technologies,
  • IT Network Systems Administration,
  • IT Software Solutions for Business,
  • Mechanical Engineering CAD, and
  • Graphic Design Technology.

Each Competitor was accompanied by an Expert, who was also part of the jury, ensuring that the Competition maintained its high standards of fairness and expertise.

A competitor typing at a computer during the first International Friendly Skills Competition (IFSC) from 11 to 17 May 2024.

The event started with an opportunity for participants to meet and familiarize themselves with the venue, followed by a warm and welcoming Opening Ceremony at the Golestan Conference Hall. After a week of intense competition and skills demonstrations, nine participating countries and regions were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals and Medallions for Excellence at the Closing Ceremony. The event concluded with a local tour of Gorgan and to see its most iconic landmarks.

As well as being the first International Friendly Skills Competition organised by Iran, the Competition acted as a platform for cultural exchange, learning, and the celebration of technical skills. Mehdi Daraei, the Technical Delegate for WorldSkills Iran, said, “We want to show how committed we are to skills excellence, to the value of international standards, and to the importance of global collaboration. The future belongs to the skill believers.”

Mohammad Alishahi, Technical Delegate Assistant for WorldSkills Iran, added, “IFSC2024 was a great success for WorldSkills Iran. It helped us improve our teamwork skills, which are essential in working through the challenges and solutions of holding an International Skills Competition event.”

Ali Hossein Shahrivar, Official Delegate from WorldSkills Iran reflected, “We hope the International Friendly Skills Competition will be the first of many, and that it helps more young people in Iran, and across the world, consider a future in skills. We hosted this event because it is important for us to highlight the significant part that TVET plays in driving economic progress and fostering innovation.”

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