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25 June 2021

WorldSkills Hong Kong, China prepares team for new skills

WorldSkills Hong Kong, China's first competitions in Digital Construction and Rail Vehicle Technology were great successes.

Digital Construction is one of the newest skills expected to make its first appearance at WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

If the recent experience of WorldSkills Hong Kong, China is anything to go by, it will also be hotly contested.

Their first Digital Construction competition attracted 40 entrants, including one as young as 17.

The skill involves creating and managing data throughout the construction process, and is highly collaborative, involving everyone from architects and engineers to contractors with the objective of producing better buildings.

The success of the Hong Kong competition shows the growing importance of Digital Construction in building and construction, says Expert Brian Leung, who hopes more young people will become familiar with the skill.

“As demand for Digital Construction consultants rose in recent years, most of our higher diploma graduates enter the industry immediately after their studies,” he says.

The competition was watched by leading industry partners who also attended the certificate presentation ceremony.

Dr Liu Sai-lok, the deputy executive director of Hong Kong’s Vocational Training Council, said the competition provided “a precious opportunity for the participants to experience the professional standards of the building industry.”

“I believe they can keep improving their skills by challenging one another through taking part in the competition, to lay a solid foundation for their future career.”

Youngest Competitor Leung Hei-Po said she had entered with the encouragement of her teacher.

“It was challenging, because I learnt not just architecture knowledge, but also skills related to coordination and structure,” she said.

The top three participants will now receive further training before final selection for the Hong Kong, China team that will compete at WorldSkills Shanghai 2022.

In parallel, another new trade “Rail Vehicle Technology” had the final in mid-May. It took 3 days to complete this local competition. At the end, 3 out of 12 teams were selected to receive further intensive training and prepare for the 46th WorldSkills Competition in October 2022.