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18 July 2022

WorldSkills Champion tours Germany to show the wonders of apprenticeships on TV

The series Superjobs XXL, airing on German TV, features twelve apprenticeship professions from the industrial, crafts, and services sectors.

Jessica Jörges is a passionate tradesperson, blogger, and Instagram influencer, whose trips around Germany meeting young apprentices have become a TV show.

Each episode of Superjobs XXL, a series aired on the German channel Welt der Wunder TV, features fresh insights into a modern occupation. Jessica, who achieved a Medal for Excellence in Painting and Decorating at WorldSkills Kazan 2019, and was named Germany’s Best Painter in 2018, visited companies, talked to the trainers, and interviewed apprentices to understand how technology is transforming traditional trades into fascinating, modern skills.

Mechatronic technicians, CNC millers, conservationists, or IT specialists for system integration, Superjobs XXL features twelve apprenticeship professions from the industrial, crafts, and services sectors. Each 30-minute programme is a window to the world of apprentices in Germany’s dual vocational training system. During each programme, Jessica addresses outdated perceptions of TVET by portraying attractive career paths that open opportunities to financial independence.

The success of Germany’s system lies in close training and guidance using modern methods and the commitment of companies who understand that their efforts and encouragement will turn motivated students into highly-trained talent. After all, the future of businesses depends on the next generation of professionals. They should be able to apply technology and high standards, and continue learning throughout their life to keep up with technical advancements.

Superjobs XXL is a production of WorldSkills Germany in collaboration with HDTV Event Produktion and in co-operation with Welt der Wunder TV. The aim of the show is to help young students and their parents take informed, up-to-date decisions on their future learning, and to consider modern apprenticeships as a path to career success.