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Beyond the medals table, we’re focused on finding new ways to use our success to make connections that improve the lives of young people, raise standards in Vocational Education and Training (VET), support industry growth, and help countries prosper.
— Hubert Romer, Managing Director and Official Delegate of WorldSkills Germany

Growing opportunities through far-reaching networks

It is fitting that the national tree of Germany is an oak. It is an obvious symbol of strength and wisdom above the surface, yet it sustains a delicate and diverse ecosystem hidden within its leafy canopy and vast root structure. Similarly, WorldSkills Germany presents as a tower of stability and consistency at WorldSkills Competitions, taking home more than 400 gold, silver, bronze medals since it joined in 1953. But, like the oak, there is a more profound depth to WorldSkills Germany’s impact. 

Hubert Romer, Managing Director and Official Delegate of WorldSkills Germany, explains: “Our Competition success has become the driving force behind our efforts to establish networks, alliances and collaborations that can elevate skills. We work hard to bring together industry leaders, education experts, small businesses, and young skilled people. Any connection is an opportunity to promote the impact of skills.”

Hubert continues, “Sometimes the most exciting opportunities can come from the humblest communities or most unexpected connections. These can surprise you and end up being the ones that have the biggest impact on Germany's economy and society.” That’s why, for WorldSkills Germany, no connection is too small. 

The WorldSkills Germany Network at a glance:

  • A community allowing Members to:
    • Benchmark skills through the WorldSkills Occupational Standards
    • Share innovations and ideas
    • Build powerful partnerships
    • Access skills training best practice
  • Over 100 industry associations, industrial companies, initiatives, and organizations involved
  • More than one million entrepreneur voices heard
  • Mentoring opportunities from business specialists spanning HR Directors to CEOS

Through its popular national WorldSkills Network many such “micro-connections” are facilitated. Replicating the effective and established WorldSkills International (WSI) model, Members of the WorldSkills Germany Network feel the benefits of being part of a global behemoth of skills-sharing. They value the associated access to resources and expertise as well as being able to make on-the-ground connections.

For longstanding Member, Anette Enders from Rogers Germany GmbH, the community support offered by the WorldSkills Germany Network proves invaluable in staying competitive. She says, “In order to meet our goals in this time of rapid change, we need to be up to date with the latest technology. We live by the motto: learn from the best! For this reason, we support all forms of further development for our team [so we can] compete and exchange ideas with the best.”