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18 November 2010

The US Open Welding Competition

By Paul Condran, WSI Chief Expert Welding

The US Open Welding Competition is coordinated by the American Welding Society and was held at the Atlanta Convention centre from November 2-4, 2010. Six American Competitors were vying for the final 3 places available at the final selection that will determine the team going to the WorldSkills Competition (WSC) in London, October 2011. Australian Competitors have been attending the US Open Welding Competition since 2000. This is an excellent preparation for the WSC as it is structured in the same format and the duration is a little over 22 hours.

This year Guy Brooks of K&R Fabrications was put to the test over the 4-days of competition and has come away with invaluable experience which will assist him during his preparation for WorldSkills London 2011. Australia’s Construction Metal Work representative at the WSC, Michael Ashton (also of K&R Fabrications), was in Atlanta as an observer. Michael was unable to participate in the Competition but was able to gain an understanding of the scope of the skill competition and procedures.

us_open_welding_competition.jpgPictured from left to right in photo:

  • Jeremy Gransden – WorldSkills International gold medallist trainer at WorldSkills Helsinki 2005
  • Paul Lomas – Previous WorldSkills International Deputy Chief Expert, Welding
  • Guy Brooks – Australian Welding Competitor, WorldSkills London 2011
  • Carl J. Peters – WorldSkills International - Global Industry Partner, Lincoln Electric. Director of Training
  • Paul Condran – WorldSkills International Chief Expert, Welding, WorldSkills London 2011
  • Mark Carberry – General Manager K&R Fabrications. Employer of Guy and Michael
  • Michael Ashton - Australian Construction Metal Work Competitor, WorldSkills London 2011