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8 July 2011

Update from WorldSkills International

By WorldSkills International

There are a lot of things to share with you from WorldSkills International, we have been busy creating new resources and improving existing resources. There are also some interesting statistics to share with you. 

WorldSkills In the News 

Want to learn more about what the media is saying about WorldSkills around the world? WorldSkills International has launched a page on their website that links to articles in the news from Members, our organising committee and WorldSkills International. Check WorldSkills in the News ! If you have an article that you would like to see on this page please send it to Michelle Bussey at

WSC2011 Official Media Website

WorldSkills International and WorldSkills London 2011 have been working to significantly improve the functionality and usability of the Official Media Website for WSC2011:

Our goal is that all Members and stakeholders use this to point their media for more information about accreditation, photos, videos, press releases, contacts, skill information and Competitor profiles. You will see that every Member has their own section. We encourage you to use this to inform and attract journalists in your own country/region. Try and give information about the Competitors that shows their journey, skills, passions, any challenges they have faced in training and their aspirations and goals. Some of this is generated automatically from the Who-is-who and registration system but we would like to provide more to the media. We are asking all Members to send us stories, your organisational media contact information, Competitor profiles, press releases, photos, videos, etc... that are relevant to your team and preparation for WSC2011.

We are looking for general information to populate the Media Website by the end of July 2011 but also encourage you to continue to send us media information as you prepare it for the Competition, during the Competition and after the Competition. We can display the information on your specific page in any language that you provide to us. The bulk of the general information will be in English. Thank you for your support and assistance on making this a great tool for media who are onsite during the Competition but also those that are around the world looking for information. Please send your informatioin to Michelle Bussey at  

WorldSkills Branding for new Members

With the addition of 3 new Members (Latvia, Argentina, and Barbados) in the last few months, WorldSkills International is happy to welcome them aboard. We are also happy to announce that all three have agreed to become branded properly under the WSI Visual Identity Guidelines . There is also a lot of movement with existing Members who are also rebranding to fit the WS brand. As more and more Members join, it will become increasingly important for all Members to be identifible under the WSI Visual Identity Guidelines. It will increase the brand recognition and strength and will ultimately help us all reach our goal of being a worldwide known brand and movement. 

WorldSkills London 2011 Registrations

We wanted to share some impressive numbers with you about the registrations for the 41st WorldSkills Competition. 

  • WSC2011 Provisional Registration = 1024 / Definitive Registration = 964. Decrease of 60.
  • WSC2009 Provisional Registration = 1011 / Definitive Registration = 847. Decrease of 164.
  • WSC2011 is an increase of 13.8% Competitors.
  • Competitors from new Members: Oman=9, China=6, Latvia=2, Argentina=2, Barbados=0.
  • Existing Members have increased participation by 11.5%.
  • 2844 packages sold – only 3045 created/available.
  • Closing Ceremony sold out (approx 8000 capacity).
  • All accredited persons have tickets and all tickets requested by Members (as per WSI process) earlier this year provided. Some tickets to Opening Ceremony still available.  

WorldSkills Portal

As more and more Competitor profiles are rolling in, the WorldSkills Portal is becoming increasingly populated. Our goal is to have a profile for every Competitor for WorldSkills London 2011 online by the end of July 2011. If you haven't sent your Competitor profiles to WorldSkills International please send them to Michelle Bussey at by 29 July 2011.