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23 October 2013

Three reasons to take DIY to the next level

9200526181_f421083f0e_b - copy.jpgWhether you are watching it on television or searching for it on Pinterest, chances are you have admired a few Do It Yourself (DIY) projects recently. Have you taken it a step further and actually completed a DIY project? There are three key reasons why the trend of DIY projects is so popular.


The first reason that people want to try a DIY project is usually because it sounds like fun. You learn a new skill and the end result will be just what you are looking for. Since Halloween is just around the corner you may be thinking: “Should I go searching for the perfect costume or should I try to design and sew it myself?” Not everyone would have an interest and natural ability in making their own costume so learning to sew would seem like fun. Chances are you are artistic and enjoy ways to tangibly express that creativity. Now imagine taking it one step further and perfecting these skills in order to turn it into a career. It doesn’t even feel like work when you are having fun doing it!


The other reason many people pursue a DIY project is that they believe it will save them some money. The cost of materials may be low to change tires or an oil filter, so if you learned the skills and did the labour yourself, you would save money. However, many people would just rather pay the professional to do the job right the first time. Imagine learning all the skills and becoming an automobile technician yourself – then everyone would be paying you for your professional automotive skills!

Pride in Work

Everyone loves that feeling you get when you have accomplished something that that you are proud of – especially something tangible in which others admire you for your hard work. Isn’t that why you decided to research how to create a website for your friend’s new start-up business? You may have a natural talent of learning digital technology that you thought was common sense. Combined with some technical skill training, you could make a full career creating work that you are proud of. Now that is taking DIY to the next level.

Fun, Money, and Pride in Work – three things that influence your inner desire to turn those DIY projects into a skilled career!