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7 July 2011

Team Norway encourages the Minister

201106_no_team_2.jpgBy WorldSkills Norway

Team Norway has just had their first gathering and met with the Norwegian Minister of Education, Mrs. Kristin Halvorsen. She was very enthusiastic about the Team and praised it to the sky!

"We are totally dependent of your skills and competence, without skilled, young people like you, our trade and industry will fail. We will focus strongly on vocational training and education for the future, and you, Team Norway, you are important role models and ambassadors in this strategy. I am proud of you, and you encourage me!"

The Minister will try to go to London to visit the great Competition and to follow the Team.

Also gold medallist Kjetil André Aamodt (he has 20 medals from Olympic Games and World Championships in downhill skiing) met with Team Norway. He focused on how to make a winning culture within the Team, and how to focus to be a winner. He talked about his experiences through more than 20 years on the Norwegian Alpine Ski Team, and inspired both the young Competitors and their Experts.

Team Norway for WorldSkills London 2011 consists of 21 young Competitors in 18 skills.